Monday, March 31, 2008

Me and My Dad-by Wyatt

Wyatt helped me make these pages of him and his dad playing with the remote truck in the back yard.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

This MaryGoRound went faster than any I have ever seen. Wyatt was a bit scared at first and was hanging on for dear life. This one didn't have seat belts either. I have always seen them with belts. Weird.
Wyatt with the Shriners Potentate
Wyatt and a kid we met in the bumber cars
look how cute
aww wittle piggy and turtle

I fed the giraffe a carrot but Wyatt didn't take the pic fast enough.
AWWW aren't they so cute.

Pancake Brunch at Shriner's in Sun City Center

This morning we went to Sun City to the Shriner's club. They had a Pancake breakfast, anyone welcome. It was $5 per person and they let Wyatt in for free.
They asked us if Wyatt was a Shriner's Hospital kid. They took pics of him and asked
us if we would go on stage to talk to everyone about what Wyatt has and what the Shriner's hospital has done for him. After we ate, (it was great-pancakes, sausage, coffee, orange juice) we went up on stage and they let Wyatt talk into the microphone and tell everyone what is wrong with him. Then I told a little (very embarrassing-lol) and then Donny talked some. Everyone clapped and someone came on stage and talked and told Wyatt how proud he is of him and told him he was very positive and a happy little boy. Then while we were walking out, people kept saying hi to him and waving and shaking his hand and calling his name. It was 90% senior citizens. We walked back to the table we had sat at to say bye to the people
there and one of the older men came and talked to Wyatt and then he handed him $20 for him to buy something for himself. That was so sweet. Wyatt wore his Fez hat he got from the Circus yesterday and wore his t-shirt. So he got alot of attention from that. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and my cell phone wont let me take any more pics. They took lots of pictures there, but I don't know if I will see any.
Anyhow we had a great morning.

A day at the Shriner's Circus

Yesterday we went to the Shriner's Circus. We had a great time and
I took a bunch of good pictures.
We had free tickets (Donny's boss bought a bunch and gave us some),
but I think the Circus itself is $15 per person. You can get into the
carnival for free, just pay for tickets for the rides. It was $20 for 20 tix.
After you pass the ticket booth there are Shriner Circus books. $1 each.
It has a bunch of ads, coloring pages, and clown cards. The clowns will
sign their cards for you. On the side next to the tent is where all the Lodges
set up their booths and where you get the food. Cokes, waters are $1 each.
Hotdogs are $1 and fries were I think $2. The food is pretty cheap compared
to other places. All proceeds of course go to the Shriner's Hospital. They sell
t-shirts (you will see Wyatt in one) it was $5 and he also got a Fez hat that was
$1. Then there are all the carnival type rides with games. We tried to knock
Bozo in the water but couldn't do it. I rode the bumper cars with Wyatt. Donny
got a pic of me. YUK.
The circus was great. Some WOW things. We didn't stay for the second half though.
There is a 20 minute intermission and we left. Our show didn't start till 4:30 and
we got there at like 1. So we were SOOOO pooped. And it was hot in there. It
wasn't so bad after it started though. Should take something to fan yourself if you go.
They sell drinks and such during the performances.
All $1 each. Also they sell light sabers (I think $7 each) for the kids.
All proceeds go to this WONDERFUL hospital (that is helping my son). The clowns are all so great and very nice. The professional photographers got a picture of Wyatt with one of the Egypt Shriner guys and they are going to mail it to us. They had to ask if we had signed a consent form for pics and such. So they might use his picture sometime.