Friday, May 1, 2009

My last vein surgery-THANK GOODNESS

Ok this leg, this surgery, HURT. The veins in this leg are thicker and tougher than the other leg. No reason, just each leg can be different. When the doc tried putting the catheder in the vein, it wouldn't go in, but I guess it was so tough and it wouldn't go in correctly. Plus they were thinner. So the initial incision, where the catheder goes in, HURT LIKE THE DICKENS. Oh man. There were other times that there was pain, but it was tolerable. Then once the laser was all done, and it was time to pull out the veins, the doc got the top part, went all the way to my bikini area. The nurse got the bottom part of my leg. When she went to pull out a vein, she grabbed a nerve instead. HOLY COW, talk about pain. Man, I was so ready for that to end.