Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am having problems with my blog

Not sure if anyone else can see these problems. But they are driving me crazy. I checked the
blogger message board and it told me to clear my cache and cookies and then to click on compose. So I might as well compose something to see if it will work.

Friday, October 17, 2008


14 Days Until Halloween
18 Days Until Election Day
36 Days Until Thanksgiving
69 Days Until Christmas
76 Days Until 2009

Got an email from this morning.
And the above was the first thing in the email. Just thought you would all like
a little reminder. I will add this.....
17 Days Until Wyatt gets his casts off!!!! LOL
Today is Teacher work day, so Wyatt and I are home. Haylee went to the farm to
work and Donny is at work. I am watching Anthony and Jesse next door. So I have
3 screaming kids here. Anyone wanna come visit. LOL.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A great gift from an online friend

Lynna from my Cricut_Chatter group was so super nice and did an awesome thing for Wyatt. She sent a letter to George Lucas/Lucasfilms telling them about Wyatt and asked if they could send him a little something to cheer him up. Check out the pics. She included the letter she sent
them and the letter they sent her. They sent him (it went to her and she sent it to Wyatt) a
t-shirt and an issue of Star Wars magazine. She also made him an awesome card. Thank you so much Lynna, he loves it so much. I will definately do a scrapbook page about it.
You can click on each pic to see a closer pic of it. You can read the two letters.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

WOW-never thought I would make it. lol

I am over a thousand hits (probably half are mine. lol). I would do some blog
candy, but I really don't have anything to give. Sorry ladies. Thanks to everyone
that has come to visit. I really appreciate. it.

Changing subjects a little. I have lost 8 pounds so far. I have actually had to go a
little or alot off the 500 calorie diet I was doing before. For over a week I have
not had any food in the house that was on the list I had. So I had to eat other items.
But it was all good, I still lost 4 pounds from it. But now, I am going to do something
much different than that diet. I will still get the B12 shot and take one of the pills,
but the food will be differetnt. I am going to try Weight Watchers point system. The
meetings closer for me is out here in Riverview, off of 301 and Simmons Lp. It's at
6610 SIMMONS LOOP RIVERVIEW, FL 33569. Thye are on Tuesday's 6pm and
Saturday's 9 am.
Get driving directions
Meetings Schedule
Please arrive 1/2 hour early for Meetings registration.
TUE 6:00pm
SAT 9:00am

See schedule of meeting times by Leader
Meeting leaders at this location: SUSAN K., NANCY B.
Meeting leader
Meeting time SUSAN K. Tue 6:00PM
NANCY B. Sat 9:00AM

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walking could save your life (now I only need to start)

Did you know that there is a cheap and effective therapy to prevent breast cancer?-A Special Message from Dr. Karen

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I encourage women over forty to have a mammogram each year and all of you, men included, to examine your breasts monthly. Each year, about 200,000 women (and 1000 men) are diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,000 women die of the disease. But we are learning ways to fight back.
Did you know that there is a cheap, effective therapy to prevent breast cancer that has no side effects and that this treatment also reduces the recurrence of disease among breast cancer survivors? It's true and you're already doing it. Exercise, such as walking, reduces the risk of developing cancers in general and recent studies have proven that moderate exercise prevents breast cancer.

While doctors aren't exactly sure how exercising reduces the risk of breast cancer, they do know that obesity is linked to cancer and that overweight women have higher levels of estrogen, a hormone that supports the growth of the most common type of breast cancer. We all know that exercise and eating fewer calories are the keys to weight loss, but women of all sizes and ages can reduce the risk of breast cancer by exercising.

In a variety of recent medical studies, we have learned that regular exercise started as young as twelve will reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 23%. Breast cancer survivors who walk or enjoy other moderate forms of exercising three to five hours per week are 50% less likely to die of breast cancer that those who are sedentary.
No matter your age, all women benefit from exercise and the more consistent you are, the more you gain in terms of protection. The most benefit results from a moderate- intensity activity such as brisk walking for thirty minutes a day, five days a week. That's a two mile walk with Leslie- something most of us can achieve or work up to.

There is good news regarding breast cancer. Early detection through self breast exams and yearly mammography saves lives and now, we have a simple, safe, and effective weapon against this deadly disease: exercise. I encourage each of you to keep walking - it could save your life. Remember, I believe in good health and believe in it for you!-Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen is a featured writer for our on-line Walk Club. To learn more about Breast Cancer and how we are "Changing Lives," please check out the Walk Club!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness!
Whether you or someone you know is dealing with Breast Cancer, we all can show our support! There's no better way to do so, while getting healthy at the same time, than participating in a 5K walk.
Participating in community and non-profit fundraising or awareness events is healthy physically, mentally and socially. You'll feel positive about what you're doing and the training regimen will give you long-term benefits.
It is important to train your body before jumping into the 5K. Check out Leslie's step by step 5K training instructions featured on .This exclusive 28-day training program is easy to follow and will help you feel strong come race day!
Check it out now!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

What do you see?

Look closely in this picture.
What do you see?
Can't see it? Look up on the fence?
Well Donny has spent all day in the yard. He worked some
more on the Pond (used to be hot tub), and put the flowers
all around it. Moved a few things. Added the lights, and finished
the sprinklers. I have been in my scraproom all day so I wasn't out there
when he finished what he could for the day. So I went out a few minutes
ago to check it out with my camera. I started taking pics and getting closer.
All the while I am like thinking to myself, "I sure hope nothing jumps out at
me in this dark". Luckily nothing did, but I got closer and kept taking pics.
As I was starting to walk back in, I took one last pic (or so I thought I did-LOL).
Here is what I saw. Some are real blurry from zooming in.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My nephew JoJo, is he not cute?

My sis and nephew came over the other day. We haven't seen them since July.
They moved to Mt. Dora and they don't get back to Riverview very often. Isn't he
adorable? He turned 2 July 18. We combined his and Wyatt's bday party in July.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wyatt wanted me to post some new pics of him and...

some other pics.
Here he is being silly in my scraproom looking up at the tv.

Here he is at school with a poster that was used last year for the 5th grade program. It is huge and they were giving it away. he begged me for it. We had to take it apart but got it in the car. Then even with our tall ceilings, I still had to take the bottom (all the credits about the movie) off. It is in his room against the wall behind his bunk beds.

This was this past Friday (Sept.26th, 2008) and PTA put on a dad's day breakfast. This is Donny and Wyatt. Neither one of them wanted to eat, I made them go get a bagel. Wonder where Wyatt gets it from. Sure not me.

Our Zoey and Petey-kinda hard to see.

Zoey when she was a wittle bitty baby. AWWWW, what happened? LOL August of last year she was born.

Wyatt being silly smiling at the camera, with daddy in the background.

We walked around the mall the other day to get out of the house and while we were getting something to eat, Wyatt looked at the store PICTURE THIS! he seen batman. So he took my camera phone,and tried to get pics of him. Batman and the woman working with him seen him doing this, so they came over and let me take of pic of them. That was so nice. They charge for you to come in and get pics taken. He was happy.

This is one day at the hobby store in Regency Square in Brandon.

This was the day he got his dinosaur (DARTH MAUL) at Build a Bear. He is rubbing the heart on his heart before putting it in his dino.

Wyatt trying to give Zoey and Petey a treat.

The other day, I think something weird came on the tv and he was like "WHOA, that is weird".

Sitting on his futon. Playing Mario Cart on the Wii.

a week before he got his casts on, Aunt T.T. took him and Anthony (didn't want to post pics of Ant before asking Tree) to Zepherhills to eat. On their way back hom to T.T.'s house, they saw this military vehicle (actually two diff. ones) and she let them get out (let Wyatt walk to it and stand being he was going to be in casts soon, give him a little freedom) and take pics with it. They had a blast. Both are for sale. Anyone intersted. LOL

Can't tell if this is at Joann's (looking for mommy) or not.

This sounds like a good challenge. Check ou this blog.