Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nephew's graduation card and layout

Kris walking up to get diploma.
Haylee and Kris.
Wyatt and Kris.

Yesterday was my nephew Kris's graduation. I made him a card, word book and layout.
I got the ideas from a couple places.
this is where I got the card idea.
this is where I got the layout idea. I used my cricut and craft robo. A friend on
my local group gave me the cap file, and someone on my cricut group gave me
the diploma file. Thanks everyone. You are the best. I did the class of 2008 and
Kristopher myself on the cricut.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Word books I have made with my Cricut and Design Studio (George cart)

These are for a couple of Haylee's friends (Ash and Courtney) and for Wyatt's teacher (Amanda), and all the secretary's, and the nurses, and Principal and AP. Also for a friend's baby shower, and a friends DH's fifty bday. And I just finished one for my nephew's graduation on Friday. His colors are black and yellow/gold and these are the only papers I had. I am not super happy with it, but hope it's ok.

Haylee and friends

Haylee has FINALLY given me some pics that she has been greedy about giving out. LOL.
I'm sure you can tell which one's are from Busch Gardens. She went with her friend and her brother. The second one is at Homecoming. Also her and her cousin at the pool. Her and her best
bud since kindergarten (also born on the same day-March 4, 1992) with the FRIEND picture frame. She has many more pics but I am lucky to have these. She is either never around or I
don't have battery's for my camera. More that she isn't around.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank you to all who is serving our Country (and have served)

Found this on another blog.

The song is written by 3 soldiers, not an official recording, but it is wonderful.
If I Die Before You Wake.
Listen to it, it is worth it, and take some time to think about all those serving YOUR country.

SheetLoad of Cards - Free Monthly eZine: June Issue Sneak Peeks (and a chance to win)...

SheetLoad of Cards - Free Monthly eZine: June Issue Sneak Peeks (and a chance to win)...

Love all the cards on this site. All the artists blog' are also wonderful.
Go check them out. You will love it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Creating, Enabling, and a Bit of Life: 20 Scrapping Things About Me

Creating, Enabling, and a Bit of Life: 20 Scrapping Things About Me

20 Scrappin' things about me

20 Scrapping Things About Me
I saw these questions on Jenn's blog , and figured I'd answer them since they are actually about scrapping. If you answer them too, please comment and link to your blog so I can see how you scrap!
1.) Scrap standing up or sitting down? Sitting down.
2.) Scrap with Music on or off? Off.
3.) Scrap with a movie going? Movie or Tv. Don't like quiet, HAVE to have the tv.
4.) What do you drink while scrapping? sweet tea or water or coffee!
5.) Favorite scrapbook paper brand? DCWV stacks and love Basic Grey.
6.) How long have you scrapbooked? about 5 years
7.) Favorite brand of scissors? EK Honey Bees - they are teflon-coated and have a sharp tip, awesomeeven though my tip is broken!
8.) Do you stop scrapping when hubby gets home from work? Most of the time no, if I am in a hurry to finish something. I try to stop though. I hate being in there while he is in the living room.
9.) Favorite tool? Right now it's my (crap cant think of name), makes holes, does eyelets.]
and as soon s I pay jenn, I will have the Basic Grey's Precision File Set
10.) Tool most used? Paper cutter I guess. Not sure of the name. But REALLY need another, would love the one Jenn has.
11.) Do you print your own pictures? No, would love to have a picture mini printer.
12.) Favorite Scrapbooking Magazine? Creating keepsakes
13.) How many sheets of pink cardstock do you own? Maybe 50, counting all different colors of pink and 12x12 and 8 1/2 x 2
14.)Do you buy your printed paper in 1's 2's or 3's? I mainly buy it in the DCWV packs.
15.) When's the last time you got rid or supplies that you don't use?I haven't gotten rid of
16.) What was the last thing you scrapped? I can't remember. I have been making so many word books with my cricut.
17.) Are you a messy scrapper? HECK YES!!! Horrible. Looks like a hurricane hit ONLY my scraproom.
18.) Do you own a personal die cutter? If you do what brand? Yes, Cricut, CraftRobo, Cuttlebug and Sizzix..
19.) Brads or eyelets which would you rather use? brads, but still love eyelets. But need more.
20.) What 1 item are you most addicted to? inks and ribbons.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cousin Karen's Memorial

Today (Saturday May 17th, 2008) was the Memorial for our Cousin Karen (my mom's cousin, my second cousin?) She passed away on Wednesday May 14th. The service was very Beautiful,

as was Karen. We will all miss her very much. She is now out of pain and at peace.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm sure some of you might have seen these (3 diff. ones) before, but I was just watching
them and they are so funny. Just had to share.
There are two links and one video attached. I LOVE the video attached the most. FUNNY
This is hilarious - this guy has some of those dance moves down good, and he's funny. 6
minutes of music too, so be ready to dance lol! (No, I didn't - I sat and watched him!)
This was actually from Jenn from May of 2006. (from my local group)

This is one of my favorites...Hope you enjoy itBarb this one was from Barb in May of 2006. (from my local group)

I saved them all. Two in my gmail and one in my yahoo.
I love them so much. lol

Can tabs PLEASE for Shriners

I wanted to ask you all if you would mind saving me all your can soda/beer, etc.
tabs. Donny found out that the Shriners takes them. So we are going to start saving
them and turning them in to them. It will be under Wyatt Richard. If you are not
close enough to me to give them to me, you can take them to Shriner's (USF on the
Bruce B Downs side) or any Shriners for that matter. Just say its in the name of
Wyatt Richard. I don't remember everything Donny said but the money goes to
the hospital for costs and such. I would appreciate it. The next time they will be
turning them in for the money will be June. So save them up please. We have a bucket
we are using to save them.
Thanks in advance. And pass the word around. Thanks