Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just started a new yahoo group- Riverview Walkers

If you live in Riverview (Florida) or close by and want to join my walking group, come on over. Click on the link and go join or email (or reply to post) me and I will send you an invite. If you have any suggestions on the group please throw them my way. I am always open for any ideas.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I think this is the last layout for the day

I must have a fever doing all these layouts with myself in it. LOL. I bought this paper for Haylee, but I liked this one cause it said Tattoo and my tat is showing in this pic.TFL(Thanks for looking)

Another Layout

The 3 I have done today have all been at Universal Studios. We have annual passes so went for my bday. I think this was the day Haylee and Emily hung out together for their bday which is only 2 days after mine. So they did not want to go.

Another page done

Don't really care for it, but couldn't think of anything else to do. Tried to come up with something witty but I'm not a witty kind of person so, NOTHING. Oh well at least I scrapped it. :-)

Scrapbook page I just finished

We went to Universal Studio's the day before my 40th bday (March 1st) and it was so windy, cold, rainy and before we left I got on this display and it really looked like I was riding.
Donny loved this pic (I don't, look huge) and had it printed 8x10 size. Jeez babe, scare people away. lol. Anyhoo, I just had to scrap it. Click it to make it bigger if you dare. It says,
"universal studios. LOOK OUT!! DANGER!! Crazy person on the loose!!. LOL
I used red ink, and purple acrylic paint. TFL (thanks for looking)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My vein surgery. Not for weak stomachs out there

I had my second vein surgery today. Today was just the "flabectomy", I think is what they called it. The doc had already done the laser part the last time so did not have to do it again.
Today was just removing some veins he did not get to last time (ran out of meds). So there is
not as much pain this time. I am starting to hurt a little right now and need to get up and walk for a bit. I have to walk at least 10 minutes every hour but I do much more than that. My mom got off work early and took me (Wyatt was with us) and brought us home. Donny is at a Mason Lodge while one of his friends get "Raised" so he could not take me. Plus he had to work and could not get off in time. I remembered to take my camera this time so I have pics to share. If you have a sensitive stomach, you might not want to look at the pics. I think they are no big deal AT ALL, but I think this kind of stuff is neat at crap. Wish I could get pics when I go for my hysterectomy, but I know that is not possible. I will take my camera in case and see if someone will take some pics for me. I won't share those on here though, if you want to see, you will have to email me for the pics. LOL. Anyhoo, here are the pics. If you want to see a bigger pic, click on the pic and it will enlarge.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cute Easter project

Found this on this site--->
I still need to get some green tissue paper for the "grass" and one of those foam things you can put in pots to add fake flowers and such. I used my cricut Expression and my cuttlebug. I made the bunny from the George cartridge and the eggs from the Home Accents cart. The popcorn box is from Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More cart. Thanks for looking.
Oh and I think I might ink up the box a bit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

More Twilight favorite scenes

When Edward introduces himself to Bella, for one his voice, *sigh*,
and just the way he looks at her, and his SMILE. *SIIIGGGGGHHHH*.
Also when he smells her for the first time, and then she sits and he stares
at her, like he wants to eat/drink her blood. Those eyes. *sigh*.
And when he saves her from the van. The look he gives her. I could
sit and push pause on all these parts forEVER. *SIGH SIGH SIGH*.
And in his bedroom, where she says "I'm not afraid of you" and HE
SAYS "You shouldn't have said that". The look on his face, THAT SMILE.

Do you Twitter?

I started a while back, but always forget about it. I went on today and typed in Robert Pattinson.
I guess it's really him. My daughter tried to explain it to me, but who knows. Hopefully it's really him. Just the like the ROCK, Dwayne Johnson. I could live a very happy life with only seeing these two men (of course my hubby and son in there too). Rob and Dwayne. AHHHH. LOL
Anyhoo, while on Twitter I seen the message from Rob (is it really you?) and it said to check out this movie. It has Kristen Stuart (Bella) in it. Go check it out.
I am watching Harry Potter again (I LOVE Harry Potter (Rob is so hot) if you didn't know. lol)
but will turn on Twilight when it's over if I am still awake. It is 10:37 and it's 62 out and very windy and it sounded like rain but not sure. Took Wyatt to the pool today, it rained and he finally said it was too cold and we left. It is nice being on Spring Break, just wish it could last longer.
Have to add another pic or two of you know who.
enjoy, don't drool too much. :-) Don't wanna destroy the computer.
Oh and what is your favorite part of the movie (Twilight)? Mine, is
where they are in Bella's bedroom and he tells her he wants to try
something. Kissing of course. **SIGH**
And of course the end of the movie at the prom where he acts like
he will bite her *SIGH SIGH*, and where they are in the woods and
she tells him she is afraid and he says good and she says not of you, but
of you disappearing (I think that was the word), and how close they are
and you think they will kiss but don't. *SIGH SIGH SIGH*.Ok I know I
am 40 and need to chill, but I can't.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't get enough Twilight!!

I just can't seem to get enough of Twilight. Am I crazy or what? I don't care. I just love it. I have
watched the 2 bonus video's and not sure how many times the movie. I am actually watching it now while laying in bed. I had planned on working on the skinny scarf I am making and reading some. But of course not. I am also addicted to Facebook. What would I do without my computer and tv, movies? I guess read more, scrapbook more (am I even scrapbooking?), card making more, knitting more. Exercising more??? I need to get in as much exercise as I can before Thursday. Another vein surgery and no exercising for over a week. I lost the 2 pounds I had lost and gained back again (lost 12.6-then gained 2 back, and now lost them back again. lol), hopefully I wont gain any more back. This really sucks. By the time I can do things again its time for another surgery. I can't wait till the 3rd one is done and over with. But then it will be time for my hysterectomy. FUN. 6 weeks or more of doing nothing. Wish me luck with my diet (Weight Watchers). I got off the subject of Twilight. How could I do that? I should be ashamed of myself. LOL. I cant wait for NEW MOON to come to theatres. So who has watched Twilight more than once since they bought their DVD?