Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exploding or Squash books

Made these at school for the kids in our class. I think we might make more to sell at our next festival at school. These are made using the construction paper we had in the class. I will actually use cardstock to make the ones to sell. What do you think a good price will be? These are 8x8 squares. The purple is using 9 sheets, the other 4 are using 4 sheets. I think I will make most at 5 sheets. They just open better with the 5. What do you think? I didn't take great pics, so hopefully you get the idea of what they are. They are not 100% completed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One word alone...

Just leave the link to yours in my comments so I can see how you did.When you do this - remember that you can only use ONE word as your reply.Only one.It's not as easy as it seems!...
1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Where is your significant other? outside
3. Your hair? down
4. Your mother? home
5. Your father? home
6. Your favorite thing? TV
7. Your dream last night? forgotten
8. Your dream/goal? own
9. The room you're in? back
10. Your hobby? scrapbooking
11. Your fear? loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Love
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you're not? skinny
15. One of your wish list items?laptop
16. Where you grew up? Riverview
17. Thing you are good at? eating
18. First kiss? sloppy
19. The last thing you did? cooked
20. What are you wearing? clothes
21. Your TV? flat
22. Your pet/pets? outside
23. Your computer? necessity
24. Your mood? hormonal
25. Missing someone? friends
26. Your car? driveway
27. Something you're not wearing? hairbow
28. Favorite store? Joann's
29. Your summer? FLORIDA
30. Love someone? YEPPPPPPPP
31. Your favorite color? purple
32. When is the last time you laughed? hour
33. Last time you cried? forgot

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wyatt's surgery has been rescheduled

Because of Fay (hurricane or whatever they are calling it), things have been messed up a bit. Shriners had to postpone all of Tuesday's surgery's to a later date, which has Wyatt's surgery from Wednesday moved. I am glad to a point. This way he will not have missed the first week of school. Anyhow, Wyatt's surgery has been moved to September 16th. The pre-op is the day before on the 15th at 9am. Not sure of the time of the surgery. We will get a letter telling us all the info and the date of the MRI.
I figured he would be happy but he said no, he just wants it over with. Also I think he likes the idea that he doesn't have to take a shower. LOL. I keep telling him he has to get a sponge bath, so he still has to bathe. He figures this way, he just lays there wile I clean him. Not him having to
get up, get in the shower, and bathe. LOL-KIDS.
If anyone would be willing, Wyatt would love some happy mail (before or after the surgery). He always whines because everyone else gets mail but him. Especially me with my groups and Birthday clubs. Don't go crazy or anything, just a little note or hand made card (he likes these as much as the musical cards) would be great. If you don't have our addie, just email me and I will send it to ya.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers from everyone. We all appreciate it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sketches blog

I like this blog, there are some beautiful cards on here. Glad I found it.
click here---->

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go check out this adorable card

This makes me want to get off the couch and go make a card.
Scrap everything

Haylee and her car-SHE IS LEGAL now

We got Haylee her car insurance last night and Donny took her today to get the tag done. So now her
car is ALL legal and so is she. She has already been to publix and to McDonalds to get Wyatt a happy meal.
Now she is out looking for a job. She wants a job other than the horse farm on weekends. She is first
applying at the bowling alley on Big Bend. Not sure where else. I think in the mall or Chuck E. Cheese.
She has bought new seat covers, steering wheel cover and material for the headliner. She didn't want to spend money taking it somewhere. So she has blue with white tiny stars. LOL. Today is her Open house
so she will be buying her parking tag ($5). She put $20 in for gas until she gets paid on Thursday, then
she will fill it up.
Oh and she paid for her class ring in payments over the summer. It was over $300. She was going to buy
her yearbook today, but it is $75 and she payed for the car insurance so cant get it now. She will have to
buy it later at $90. Hopefully she will be able to get a yearbook from last year. We also have to get her a
Ti-83 or 84 calculator for Algebra 2. And that is like $100 and up. So if anyone has one they no longer need, we would be more
than happy to take it off your hands. Here are some pictures of her leaving the house this morning for the
first time by herself.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Check out this blog

She is making pages for different techniques. When she gets 500 000 hits, she will give away
the books she is making with those pages. Check them out.
My Creative Corner

Wyatt's MRI tomorrow at 2pm (8-12-08)

Wyatt goes for another MRI tomorrow at 2. He can't go to sleep until
midnight and has to get up at 4 am. Then he cant eat or drink after 10 am.
I am already getting sleepy. Told Wyatt to drink a coke. Instead he is playing
army by himself, screaming USA USA USA USA. Has the brightess light on,
and now outside with Donny working on the pond. Donny said he will stay up
till midnight if I get up at 4 am. I will be too worried they will both fall asleep.
They are not gonna do a complete knock him out MRI, just a little woozy gas.
To make him mello. So he has to be tired. The only thing is, he NEVER has
taken a nap during the day and never gets tired till 9-10pm. Hopefully all goes
well and they don't have to completely knock him out.
Then next Wednesday is the surgery at 8am.
Ooh, finally got my sewing machine up and running. My neighbors came over
and we figured out what my problem has been all along. There is one spot that
the thread has to run thru (never noticed it before) and that is what was messing me
up. So I have sewn a new head liner for Haylee's car, and 2 grocery bag holders.Wyatt
helped me with the bag holders. He wants his own machine now. lol.
Ok, gotta go play army with Wyatt.
wish me luck staying awake.

WOW-nice Blog Candy

Katharina is offering some awesome blog candy. Check out her site for the 100 000 hits contest to win some awesome stamps. They are so pretty. (I got this off of Monica's site).
Whiff of Joy Guardian Angel collection by Elisabeth Bell.
Click here....> katharina

BE-A-UTIFUL camera straps

Adriane had this on her blog so I went and checked it out. Man are these awesome.

Here are a few pics......Haylee will love the skull. Not sure which is my fav.