Thursday, June 19, 2008

NEW CAR-woohoo

Woohoo-Donny got a raise so we got a car. Yeah Yeah. I have air conditioning and windows that actually roll down now. I am so happy. The kids are super happy and Haylee is happier cause now she has a car for when she gets her operators license in August. She has been working with her dad at the farm so now she has money to get the windows fixed and the a/c fixed and some other things that need to be fixed. For a teenager's first car, this is perfect for her. She can't wait to get it all in her name. Here are some pics of my car. It's not brand new but it is new to me and SOOO much newer than my other car.

It is a 2006 PT Cruiser Touring addition, 4 doors. Only has 35,000 miles. (much better than the 50,000 on all the other cars we looked at. And best thing is, the schools credit union approved me alone with no co-signer. Wooohoo0. Payments are at the $200.00 mark.