Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yellow Challenge over at "Scrappin' and Yappin'

Joni has a challenge on her blog that I decided to try. I actually like what I did which is new for me. I normally am not happy with my own stuff. I am working on the second page now. Will add it to this post later when I am finished with it, so check back later on to see it.
Go check out Joni's blog and jump in on the challenge.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another contest-WOW-a Scor-Pal

Man do I want one of these. I used once at a friends house and it is so totally cool.
You have got to check it out ( ) if you have no clue what it is.
Anyhoo, Wendy at Paper Therapy ( )
is giving away a Scor-Pal as her first Blog Candy. How awesome is that? And her blog is also
awesome. Man her cards. Wow-awesome. Please go check her out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Awesome contest going on over here---->Crouchcandles
You have got to check out her Valentines day give away.
Check out her store also, can't wait to order something.

Wyatt and his new glasses

Wyatt and I went and picked up our new glasses last night.
Doesn't he look adorable? Of course I look terrible in the pics
I took of myself, so later I will get a pic of both of mine. I have
a pair of sunglasses and a regular pair. Finally sunglasses. It has
been since I was in high school that I have had a pair of prescription
sunglasses. I remember going to the beach and a huge wave knocked
them off my face, bam that was it, never to see them again. And they
were expensive. I paid for my own contacts and script sunglasses. Never
again would I spend that much money. But now they have 2 for $100, so
I did that and paid an extra $30 for the tint. Anyhoo, here are some pics.
(That is the General Manager of Vision Works in the mall (didn't know she
was the manager until last night), she was super nice. She helped us the day
before when we went to get choose glasses. And she was there today when we
went to pick them up. Wyatt wanted green eye glass cases, I guess they only
have certain ones you get when you buy glasses, because she gave him two
of the ones you have to pay for. Very nice.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Contest going on at LIFE, One Layout at a time
Dana J. from my Cricut_Chatter group told us all about this contest. It is for a cricut Expression
machine. WOW. I have been wanting one so bad. Good luck to everyone who has entered.

It has been awhile

pic of Wyatt after he woke back up this morning.
(Wyatt and I are home today because he was throwing up this morning when I got him up.)

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I have had doctors appt.s almost everyday
for a while now. I had my heart checked (stress test and echo), and that turned out great. My heart is great, no blockage, no nothing. WOOHOO. Then I had my first mammogram and it turned out NO cancer. I wasn't worried about that, but I do know I have fibercystic breast disease. They didn't say anything about that, only there is no cancer. My gyno appt. is not until Feb. 12th at 3:30. I have also had a vein doctor appt. and I will be having 3 vein surgeries. The first one on March 20th, and the next two, every two weeks after that.. That can not get here soon enough. My right leg is pretty bad, you can see it, but a total surprise to me is my left leg has the same thing. Not AS bad, but it still needs to be removed. The pain from it can be terrible at times, and by the end of the day,(and sometimes in between) my legs get super heavy and I feel like I can't stand or walk anymore. It is rather annoying. I am SO looking forward to these appt.s . Can't wait. My first sleep study was done last Saturday and it pretty much sucked. I was PMS'ing and depressed (DH was gone all day and I didn't get to see him until maybe an hour before I left). I did not feel like I slept at all that night.Someone told me I would be able to have the tv on while sleeping and I could read my book. But that did not happen.She must have gone to a different place than I did. Blaaa. I canNOT sleep without my tv, and I usually read before falling asleep. I was also told I could lay however I wanted to, but that also didn't happen. I had to lay flat on my back, barely able to bend my legs. I cannot sleep on my back due to my dropped Uterus/bladder, etc.. It causes too much pain and sometimes I cant roll over if I sleep on my back. I normally sleep on my side. So that night I had my normal arm pain numbness and my lower back pain. In the morning the guy doing my study had to help me sit up. He said he only seen a small amount of time that I actually snored, but it should be enough. I told him I did not sleep that is why and he said "you did". Ok, now I snore even while I am awake. As soon as I am relaxed, the snoring starts. i snore so loud, I wake myself up. My daughter can hear me thru the walls. There is NO way I only snored for a couple minutes. And I normally wake up choking and gagging/coughing, because I stop breathing (sleep apnea). But of course I did none of that that night. But I do have another doc appt. and then he will send me for another sleep study but this one will be with the machine. I do not want to do it, but I guess I need to. SUCKS.

I have had blood work done, (all negative-no thyroid problems, no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no high cholesterol., etc.etc.),I had xrays of my left arm (pain numbness), and I think she said that was fine. Well everyone tells me xrays will NOT find anything, that I will have to have an MRI. But the xray tech told me, for insurance companies to cover the mri, you first HAVE to do an xray. So next time I go to the doc, I will ask about that.I had my eye appt. this past Tuesday and boy o boy do I need new glasses. My right eye is HORRIBLE. So different from these scrip.s I have now. It took the doc forever to get the right scrip for it. He had to leave it and go to my left eye and then go back. Everything was one big blob, and it was sorta like ghostly looking. The blobs were moving around the page, leaning to the left, then the right. It was very weird. Even the doc thought so. Specially when my left eye picked up the very smallest line right away. The biggest letter he could pull up was still a big blob to me. Anyhoo my glasses will be ready tomorrow night. They were supposed to be ready tonight, but she called and said tomorrow. No biggie. I can wait. Now, Wyatt had the same time appt. as I did and he does need glasses. He is super excited. We went last night to Vision works in the mall because the place we got our eyes checked (next to Publix in Riverview on Boyette), were way too expensive. And it was with our insurance. Vision works does not take either of ours,but we got the 2 for $100. Wyatt gets his glasses tonight at 6. He is so excited. He looks wayyy cute in them. I will definately post pics when we get home. I will probably use that pic for my 365 project (that I have been slacking on). Haylee had her dentist appt. last Wednesday and it sucked. She has a small cavity on the top, needs a filling. NO biggie. $21 for that. She needs all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. OUCH, that will be about $900. HA. Then she needs a deep cleaning that will be a bit over$400. Double HA. For a cleaning??. Then the worse one of all. She has a BAD, DEEP cavity on the bottom in the back. They say she needs a root canal on it. And that is almost $1400 for that one tooth. NO WAY will that happen. I have been told by a few people to just have it pulled.They could do all that work and then it falls out the next day. Not gonna happen. I asked her if she wants to do that. But she really didn't answer. It's either pull it, or leave it as is. There is no way I can do that. Way too much money. And of course her dad can't help. We just spent $2000 on her car in the shop and another $300 on buying an a/c compresser, window motors, and a few things for the inside that are broken and needs replacing. Her dad hasn't helped with that, so I am sure he wont help with her mouth. Anyhoo, Haylee has insurance but of course does not cover any of that. Well it did cover the xrays and office visit, which total was only $50. And it does cover pulling two wisdom teeth, but not the other two and not the other stuff it says has to be done after being pulled. They do all this to rip you off. They know they are the only office around that takes her insurance, so I can't just say, sorry I will go somewhere else. Sucks.I have my dentist appt. next Wednesday (first in MANY years) and she has her appt. to get the top filling at the same time.

So for me I only have to get to the ear, nose, throat doc, and the gastroentestinal doc. I can't think of anything thing else I need to go to. WOW I just realized how much I have talked (typed). Sorry guys. I'm sure 90% of you just scrolled right over all that. Don'tblame you. LOL. OH and I have lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks, BUT the best is, I went from an 18 to a 16, and I can wear 16 petites. Haven't been able to do that in a LONG time. WOOHOO. Only 5 pounds SUCKS, but the pant size is awesome. Go me. LOL. And I have started going to line dance classes on Monday nights (6:30-8:30 pm) at the Riverview Moose Lodge. My friend from high school/my sons God Mother teaches it for FREE (so if anyone lives nearby, come join us). So I am getting that bit of exercise, and a few of us from work that all live in my neighborhood walk 3 days a week. So far I have only been able to do this twice, but that is better than nothing. I have tried doing the wii fit a few times, but with so many doc appt.s and other things going on, I just haven't hadthe time. I could be doing it now, but I have other things to do. LOL. excuses excuses, right?. LOL.Hopefully when I go to the weight watchers meeting on Saturday, it will show I have lost a few more. Crossing my fingers. I guess that is it for now. Have a great day everyone.