Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Four things you may or may not have known about me in no particular order: Directions are at the end:

Four Jobs I’ve Held:
L.M. Hughey (file clerk my 10th and 11th grade summer)
Circle K (lottery clerk in office)

Four Movies I would watch over and over:
Harry Potter -Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter-Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter-Prisoner of AzKaban
Harry Potter-Goblet of Fire

Four Places I have lived:
Riverview, Fl.
Valrico, Fl.
Kissimmee, Fl.
Gibsonton, Fl. (back to Riverview now)

Four TV Shows That I Watch:
Everybody loves Raymond
Two and a half Men

Four Places I have been:
Maryland (a week couple years ago)
Maryland (9 days Christmas 07`)

People Who Email me regularly:
Cathy at work
Aunt Josie
Joyce at work

Four of my favorite foods:
Hot chicken wings
Chocolate Cake (nothing else in it-no raisins, no coconut, no fruit fillings)

Four Places I would rather be right now:
Tropical Island somewhere
In a mansion as a millionaire
In bed
Scrapbooking event

Four Friends I think will respond:

Four Things I am looking forward to this year:
Getting a different car (or one I have now fixed)
Getting more scrapbooking done
Getting my health issues taken care of

Here’s what you are supposed to do: Hit forward (or copy and paste) and delete my answers and type in your own.
Forward this to all of your friends including the person who sent it to you. You will learn a lot of things about The people you know. Have fun!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I took Wyatt (and our neighbors went too) to Mosi's IMAX theatre to see the Spiderwick Chronicles. It was way cool. I was not liking the theatre at all. Very scary and dangerous the way they have it set up. The places they have for the wheel chairs are WAY at the top and only a small area. Wyatt of course had to sit further down. So I had to carry him. He may only be 43 lbs. but man he was heavy. And you only have a very small walk space and if you slip-YOU WILL GO DOWN> Me NO LIKIE. lol. BUT, once the movie started, it was worth it. (oh and the concession stand SUCKS). The movie was great. Wyatt normally does not get scared easily with movies like this, but it being SO LOUD and the screen the entire ceiling, he was a bit scared and it hurt
his ears. Luckily I brought a jacket for him in case it got cold (NOT like other theatres), it did not.
he used the jacket to cover his ears and eyes. LOL. But I loved it.
Anyhow, here are a few pics after we got out of the movie. They wanted to look at some of the exhibits (I guess that is what they are called).
Wyatt is in a flight simulator. He is also too short to put his head in the right spot. Poor thing. lol

He is inside a firetruck (not a real one). I am the paramedic with no neck. LOL. I guess this is where Wyatt gets his shortness. lol

Friday, April 4, 2008

Field day at Sessums Elem.

This picture here, Wyatt was supposed to get on the scooter and scoot backwards. Instead of that he went backwards in his wheelchair.

Today was field day at Wyatt's school. I let him do the bounce house once. Everyone was having so much fun and he wanted to also.
He had a fun day but it was super hot out.
There were 4 activities left and he could only do one or two of them. Donny finally got there and Wyatt decided he was ready to go. So Donny signed him out and they went home.

This is the wet sponge toss. The side with the most sponges on their side, looses. Wyatt's
side won. WOOHOO. I was in some of the pics. I asked his teacher to take a few pics (I had to help Wyatt pick up the sponges to toss more over) but try not to get my back side in the pic.
Well it was in the pic-actually it took up MOST of the pic. LOL. So those will NOT be posted.

I didn't get many more pics after that as Wyatt took a video and it took the rest of the memory. I had to use Haylee's camera because my battery was dead, and I didn't have another.