Monday, July 27, 2009

I deleted the original posts so here is an update in case you don't know

April 18th Donny came home from work (he really wasn't at work) and proceeds to tell me he cant stand being with me and I make him sick and he is leaving. April 19th he moves out and April 23rd he has an apartment in an upscale complex off of I-75 and Bruce B Downs. Well to later find out he does have a girlfriend (I accused him of it, but of course he denied it), and he had been seeing her for at least 6 months(that would make it around Nov. of 2008-I didn't find out until april 18 2009 that we were having problems). So our 11 years together (9 married on March 25th) was just one big misery for him. But all is good now. I no longer miss him, and I am glad he left. He always tried to tell me he did all he could to make me feel good about myself and not look down on myself, but he didn't. I NOW feel good about myself and have done everything I can to make myself healthy (and still am going on with that), I have had my leg vein surgerys, my hysterectomy, been to the heart doc/stress tests, mammogram, loosing weight, exercising. And starting to do things to have fun.
I know there are things I "did wrong" in his eyes, but the problem with that is, he NEVER told me until the day he told me he was leaving. So there was no way to fix it.
Anyhoo, I wasn't gonna get into all that, just wanted to let everyone know whats been going on with me (since I deleted the other posts). They were much more in detail. lol.I'm not saying all this for you to look down on him, he has issues he needs to work out and get his life together to try to be happy. I feel sorry for him and no longer hate him.

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